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2017-2018 No School Days
May 25
May 28

The above dates are the remaining no school days for this school year.

Year End Awards Friday May 18
9am to 9:50am -Gr 1 & 2

9:50am to 10:35am -Gr 3 & 4

11:25 to 11:50am -Gr 5, Campbell & Metheny

11:50am to 12:20pm -TK & K
2017-2018 Minimum Days
June 4-5 Assessments
Jun 6 Last Day of School

• Students in grades 1 - 5 will be released at 12:55 pm.
• TK & All Kindergarten students will attend in the AM and will be released at 12:20 pm.
• PM Kindergarten students attend with AM and are released at 12:20 pm.

Please pick up your children promptly upon release.
ATTENTION Parents/Guardians and Students,

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please know that Apple Watches, Gizmo watches or similar electronic devices that can text, call, take pictures, be used as a communication device or record are not allowed on campus at Wildwood Elementary during the school day, including all off campus school events such as field trips which occur during the school day or school event time. These all fall under our district cell phone, communication device and electronic use policy. All electronics and electronic communication devices need to be off and stored in a student's backpack from when the student comes on campus until they leave for the day. Please make sure your student is aware of this policy and does not wear or use any such device while at school or in a school activity. If such device is used at school, it may be confiscated and kept for parent/guardian pick up.
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2017-2018 Spirit Days
Spirit Days are at 9AM and all are welcome to attend!
Sept 15 - 3rd Grade Performing
Oct 20 - 2nd Grade Performing
Dec 15 - 1st Grade Performing
Feb 9 - 4th Grade Performing
Apr 20 - TK/K Performing
May 30 - 5th Grade Hosting AR & Volunteer Recognition


6 days ago


If your child misses school for any reason, please call or

email the attendance clerk at

Absence reasons must be reported within 5 days or they will automatically be marked unexcused.

Note: not all absence reasons will be considered excused, even when they are reported within the 5 day window. If you choose to call or wish to speak to the attendance clerk, please call (909) 790-8521 and press 1 to leave a message for Mrs. Estopinal (ext. 5711). Thank you. THE IMPORTANCE OF REGULAR SCHOOL ATTENDANCE


It is an absolute necessity that students attend school on a regular basis. Studies originating from a variety of sources indicate that there is a direct correlation between education and income. If your child's success in life is important to you, it is critical that he or she gets a good basic education. This can only occur if regular school attendance is maintained from Kindergarten through 12th grade (thirteen years of schooling). The following chart is an example of possible education days versus actual education days for students who are frequently absent, based on thirteen years of education with 180 days of instruction per year.

Possible Days
Actual Days
Attendance Rate
Days Missed in 13 Years
Average Days Missed per Year
Education Loss
2/3 of a year
1 1/3 years
3 1/4 years
6 1/2 years

Students who miss 10% or more actually lose more than time. They lose out on skill development, practice, and standards mastery, which can impede their ability to pass the California High School Exit Exam. Students who regularly miss school, miss out on what other students in their classes are getting. They begin to feel that they will never catch up, so why should they try?

Regular attendance does not guarantee success, perfect scores, high grades, or a high school diploma, but it does give students the best possible chance. In this life, basic skills are offered "free" only once. The failure to take advantage of a free public education when it is available is very costly. Don't cheat you children or yourself. See to it that you get your money's worth the first time around. Promote education in your home and see to it that the leaders of tomorrow - your children - are the best this world has to offer. You are the first and most important teacher in your children's lives. Please teach them the value of learning.



Wildwood recognizes the challenge and hard work needed to achieve perfect attendance.  There are many things that can cause a student to miss a day of school or to be late.  We recognize students for perfect attendance in two ways.  First, there are Perfect Attendance Awards earned by students who do not miss a day of school.   Next, there are Extreme Perfect Attendance Awards earned by students who do not miss an instructional minute of school at any time.  This means that a student is never late, never misses a day, and never leaves early.  Both of these awards are significant achievements.  Students are honored with Perfect Attendance Awards at our three trimester award ceremonies throughout the year and with Extreme Perfect Attendance at the end of the year.  Thank you, parents and guardians (and students) for everything you do to promote perfect attendance.


Intra-District Transfers / Inter-District Transfers
All students must register at their home school, even if they have an approved Intra-District Transfer. If you are unsure which school's boundary you reside in, please check the school boundary map by clicking the link the box indicated on this page.

Intra-District Transfer forms must be filed at the YCJUSD Office, 12797 3rd Street.

If you live outside the YCJUSD boundary and have been released from your home district, you must produce an approval letter from the YCJUSD to enroll.
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