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Principal's Welcome Letter to Our Wonderful School
At WES, we know that developing and maintaining a positive partnership with our parents and community at large will only in turn help our students. Students need these adults in their world helping to guide them toward their next steps. These steps may be in getting out of bed in the morning to get to school daily and on time, developing friendships, solving daily problems and building resiliency skills, completing homework, helping students in the classroom, and assisting students in finding purpose and being able to build and demonstrate better attitudes as they go about their day.

Our California Distinguished School signature practices have evolved over time as more and more stakeholders become involved. This school year, our RTI intervention process for students will expand to include a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) for students including the areas of behavior and math. Our school is in the second year of implementation for Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) and is now utilizing the "Ten Marks" student math intervention program. We believe that being a part of a school is being part of a school family. New relationships are forged at the beginning of each school year when the Principal conducts both a TK/K orientation and a separate “Welcome to Wildwood” orientation for new families in grades 1-5 complete with leadership student guided tours, a PowerPoint slideshow, and a PTA welcoming committee present. The culture of caring and academic intervention and support begins immediately with making our new WES families feel welcome at our school right from the very beginning and working to identify individual student academic needs as soon as possible.

Please see the home page of this website for information as to how to download this new communication tool for our families.

Thank you parents/guardians and the community at large for your support of our wonderful Wildwood Elementary School!

Yours Truly,
Mrs. Lucia Hudec
Dear Parents and Guardians,

My name is Mrs. Lucia Hudec, proud principal of Wildwood Elementary School and I would like to welcome all of our students and families to a new school year at Wildwood Elementary School--A California Distinguished School! I am very proud to be the Principal of this fine school. Throughout the school year, important information and reminders for families will be published on the school's website, via notices sent home with students, our new electronic marquee, or through the school-site's auto-dialer call system. We always do our very best to effectively communicate with our families! This school year, we are able to once again fund helpful positions from State LCAP funding in the form of an Assistant Principal, Mrs. Katherine Willers who is at WES on M, Th and F each week and Mrs. Valarie Carr, Elementary Counselor who is at WES on T and Th. As always, on behalf of all staff, WES considers you all to be a part of our school family. Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year and please check the front page of this website each week for important updates!

Please click on my name on the Teachers & Staff page to send me an email.
Our Assistant Principal is Mrs. Katherine Willers. Mrs. Willers joined the team at Wildwood in 2015-2016 and shares her assignment with Dunlap Elementary School. She works with children in the area of Positive Behavior Intervention and Support as well as applying a multi-tiered system of support for students in many academic areas.

Please click on her name on the Teachers & Staff page to send her an email.
Mrs. Liz Bader is the Secretary at Wildwood Elementary School. She works directly with the Principal and all staff members and acts as a liaison for the school.

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